Prices – Alpaca 2018

Breed entries $50 +gst | Sponsors $45 +gst

Fleece entries $20+ gst | Sponsors $15 +gst

Trade sites $350 +gst (3x3)

Trade sites $425 +gst (3x6)

Trade sites $565 +gst (3x9)

1x drop down electric ceiling cable for fans to pens $50 +gst.  All electric equipment MUST be tagged and approved.   If any equipment is not tagged it will be removed immediately. 

Saturday Night Gala Dinner & Auction $TBC + gst | Sponsors $TBC + gst
Delicious food, excellent wines and great music.  The National Show Gala Dinner and Auction is undoubtedly the social highlight of the weekend. The gala dinner will be held TBC

Friday Night BBQ $TBC + gst

The Friday night BBQ will officially launch the Alpaca Show 2018. The event is held TBC.  The evening promotes a relaxed atmosphere where alpaca exhibitors trade stand holders and sponsors can take sometime away from the hustle bustle of setting up.


Catalogue Advertising $200 +gst (full pg colour), $100 +gst (1/2 pg colour), $50 +gst (1/4 pg colour)

Additional Pens $45 +gst per pen (pens are 2.4 x 2.4)

Meadow Hay $TBC per bale

Lucerne Chaff $TBC per 25kg bag

Oat & Chaff $TBC per (hessian sack)

Shredded Paper $TBC

Cardboard Chip $TBC